Benefits of growing you own Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetable garden at home is a fantastic way to spend your time in your garden. It can help you avoid the artificial chemicals and pesticides that are usually sprayed on farm food produce found in stores. These aren’t great for your family and if you would like fresh and safe food harvested from your own sources, then growing a vegetable garden’s a viable way to ensure the quality of the food that you get.

Save Money

Growing your own vegetable garden is also a great way to save money. With less than $100 dollars, you can benefit with more than several hundred dollars worth of vegetables and fruits. This is a great way to save money and also provide organic home-grown food for your family.

Common Questions

Common questions people ask is what kind of fruits and vegetables are best to grow and which are the best for their own vegetable garden?

Here are a few popular choices to grow:


Tomatoes are currently the most popular vegetable grown in home grown vegetable gardens. They grow easily and can thrive under harsh conditions. It also doesn’t require extra special care and can be harvested well. 4-5 hours of sunlight a day will be sufficient enough to grow tomatoes. You can either buy them as small plants from stores or grow them from tomato seedlings. Growing from seeds obviously takes a lot longer and it should be grown indoors first for about 6 weeks before transplanting the seedlings outdoors.


Another popular fruit/vegetable grown in vegetable gardens’s squash. It’s a very popular choice due to it’s ability to produce a lot to harvest. Of the different varieties of squash, the summer squash like zucchini is a favorite.


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