Finding the best garden hose

Watering is so important when it comes to growing your garden and Carol over at Best Garden Hose Info has some great advice here about what is the best water hose for your gardening needs. We also love Gardeners Supply Company to buy any other gardening products that we might like to purchase online. We often still like to go to our local gardening shop for any advice but often the prices can be best online, so shop around!

The number one thing to think of when it comes to buying a hose for your garden is how long do you need the hose? There is no use having a huge long hose if all you need to do is water your plants on a small patio. The longer the hose, the more weight you will have to lug around and will need a more expensive hose reel, like Carol recommends, to store all the weight.

Advice: Match the length of garden hose to your garden size.

Material of the hose is so important and especially on how long you want the hose to last. If you are on a budget please just go the cheapest hose as it is most important to just keep watering your garden but it may end up costing you more in the long run. If you can afford to buy a better hose, look out for the rubber ones rather than vinyl as they will last a lot longer.

Advice: Rubber hoses are better than vinyl hoses.

Garden Hose

How flexible the garden hose is can have a big effect on how easy it kinks. No one likes a kinking hose, it not only stops the water from flowing properly but you can end up with a splitting hose full of holes!

Advice: Try to get a flexible hose.

The connectors on the end of the hoses are important for what you are needing the hose to do for your garden. Do you want a big spray, soaker etc plus you also need to make sure that the connectors aren’t plastic as these will degrade over time. Look out for brass fittings as they last a lot longer.

Advice: Look for brass fittings.

We hope this helps you find the right garden hose for you and your garden. If you are keen on learning the best way to have a vegetable garden in a small space check out our post here.