Vegetable gardens in small spaces

All different sized spaces can have a vegetable garden, you don’t need a huge space to grow a great crop of veggies. The major ingredient you do need is plenty of sunshine. If you can manage this then you can make a vegetable gardening in a small space.

Vegetable garden design is extremely important when you only have a small space. Take some time to research what plants you want to grow in your garden. Some may need special care, others may need more sunlight and some plants won’t grow well next to other types of plants.

With all this information, you can make the right decisions about how you will grow these plants and whether you need a patch of soil or if a pot will do. It’s also important to know the right time for planting.

Whether you decide on plants or seeds you will then need to select the right sized planters for your small garden. The plants will need space to grow and it’s important to not overcrowd them.

Soil is very important and getting the right potting soil will help your plants grow. Small gardens can also attract insects so check with your local garden store what is the right product for you.

Pesticides can contain harmful chemicals and need to be used sparingly especially when animals and children are around. This becomes extremely important in small spaces and be sure to use protective gear if you do use them.

Get rid of any weeds regularly and make sure the soil is aerated from time to time. Watering is also very important and make sure your garden is watered regularly.

Small gardens can be just as great as larger ones, so don’t despair if you don’t have the space for a huge garden. With the proper care, any garden can produce excellent vegetables from any sized garden.

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